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ECO lodge

There’s more to solar than savings

What do I need in order to save? 
  • Taxable income over 40k 

  • credit score of 650(+)

  • staying in the home for the next 18 months 

  • Available roof space and sun hours

Green energy initiative

If approved, receive solar for $0 down, and no install cost! 

Availability of offering varies by state, and municipality. 

How we use your information: 

  • Address will be used to identify whether the property receives adequate sun to cover your electricity needs  
  • Regardless of whether the home qualifies you’ll receive a complementary energy savings report, illustrating what solar will save you 
  • If it comes back as something you can do, we’ll send you the information, that way you can make an educated decision 
Whats in it for me?

Why choose from one when you can get access to all

Based on your particular state we will connect you to partners with the best status for reviews, time to install, and local servicing. 

We only connect with partners with the highest standards for: warranty, support, in-house installation, and product pricing. 

  • Eliminate your utility bill
  • No upfront cost
  • Average 3-4% increase in home value
  • 5 - figure savings
  • Complimentary efficiency upgrades for qualified partner-homes 

  • Get back up to 100% of your spend on power in the first 5 years

Top of the industry

Pick among installers with 1000’s of projects completed, and over a decade of experience. 

Our install partners are A(+) with the BBB, and come with appraisal certificate increases for their service offerings.